Swains Reef attracts visitors for the thrilling, magical and memorable experience it offers. Summer is here and here’s a breath-taking and a complete life changing adventure waiting for you. For all these years you must have been wondering about the service of the countless number of ships and boats hundred miles off the Central Queensland Coast. Well, they are actually occupied with countless recreational fishing enthusiasts. Every year, millions of fishing enthusiasts have been charting out to the Swains Reef – Gladstone, Rosslyn Bay and Mackay.

If you want to explore fishing experience in the swain reefs along with a scintillating summer holidaying coupled with fun filled snorkelling and scubas, Swains reefs are the ultimate destinations. There are, nowadays, a myriad of professional charters available at your service to take you fishing grounds of the Swains. If you want to really chase a massive Tuna, giant Trevally or the coral trout, you can do that with the help of Swains reef holiday charters. Visit www.tasmanventure.com.au/ to find out more!
Booking the charters
You have to browse through the websites of charter providers out there. However, here are some tips you must know before you book swains reef fishing charters.
Plan earlier: You have to think ahead of time. The Swains are always one of the most popular tourist destinations, more during the summer. The charters really get booked faster than you imagine. Each charter carries a maximum of 16 passengers, so you have to plan yourself well. 
Plan your vacation – Are you looking for a weekend trip or 7 days long leisurely plan? There are multiple charter options given in the websites and you have to book them according to your need.
Communicate with the providers- It’s always best to pick the phone up and speak to the customer service for detailed information. You will surely need information about the boats, the meal that they will provide and complementary drinks and snacks. Check clearly what is included and what you need to bring. Check what are the other terms and conditions. 
Know about the rooms- Check the rooms on the website inside the charter. Check if the bedding and linen will be provided. 
Check the price- There must be a detailed price list for each of the charter providers. Also, price for adults are different from the prices for children and infants. 
Ask your contacts- It is always best to check with friends and colleagues if they have ever experienced fishing in Swains Reef. One important component to choose a charter is the quality of fishing rod that they supply. This will have a bearing on what you actually catch! 
Book your fishing charter and enjoy a grand holiday with your family and friends.