A surface water sport, surfing is a very popular and commonly practiced sport and hobby in today’s society. In this sport the rider, known as the surfer, rides on the deep face of a wave which then carries them toward the shore. The term surfing actually refers to the act of riding a wave and is not exclusive to the sport in which one uses a surf or body board, though it is most commonly used in reference to stand up surfing using a board. The sport is thrilling as both a participant and a spectator and as the most preferred location for the sport is the beach it’s no wonder that people of all ages are grabbing their surf t-shirts, wetsuits Noosa and casual surf dresses and heading down to the beach to take in the fun and excitement of one of the world’s most popular water sports. 
Surfing has been a part of Polynesian culture for many centuries and it is thought that it may have first been witnessed by European explorers in 1767 by the captain and crew of the “Dolphin” which first ventured to Tahiti in June of that same year. In early times it may have been referred to by Europeans as “surf-bathing”. George Freeth is credited as the man who brought surfing to European shores and is known as the father of the modern form of the sport. Little did he know that he would aid the creation of an entire modern culture consisting of music, slang, art and fashion. In modern times you can best buy adults wetsuits, girl’s wetsuits, boy’s wetsuits and other surf clothes online, as well as a number of other surfing products.
There are a great many famous surfing locations that have the surfers packing up their surf t-shirts, board shorts, wetsuits and casual surf dresses and flocking from all around the globe to catch that perfect wave. Some of these famous locations in Australia are Point Break in Noosa Queensland, Crescent Head in New South Wales and Bells Beach in Victoria, where the world’s longest running and most highly esteemed professional surf competition is held. Other famous locations for surfing across the world are Costa da Caparica in Almada, Portugal, Pipeline in Hawaii, USA, Teahup’o in Tahiti, Jeffereys Bay in Eastern Cape, South Africa, Mavericks in California, USA and many, many more.
There is no doubt that surfing is an extremely popular sport and hobby, practiced and by young and old and men and women alike. From the fashion statement of surf t-shirts and casual surf dresses to music and art, surf culture has a massive following and some enthusiasts go as far as to base their entire lives around this modern culture, wrapping their passion in beliefs and spirituality and immersing themselves in the culture to enable them to enjoy it on every level.