Have you ever felt an addiction for excitement? That feeling you get where your heart is about to pop right out, can never be compared to anything. And if you are an adrenalin junky you would love all sorts of extreme adventures that lets you feel this rush. So here are some ideas you could add to your ‘extreme list’.

Feel space on earth

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to float in space with no gravity holding you back down? Well now in the states there are zero gravity flights that allows you to experience this feeling without really having to travel to space at all. But the limit is that this weightlessness lasts only 25 seconds long during quick ascents and descents of these flights. So though this may not necessarily be as wild as African safari tours from Australia in a jungle it is still equally exciting!

Take the ‘walk of faith’

This is one exciting adventure that is so not good for the weak hearts and those that suffer from the fear of heights. In the Chinese Tianmen mountain the ‘walk of faith’ or the glass bridge is a vertigo inducing trail that adrenalin junkies definitely need to experience. It is 4700 feet above the ground and has an amazing view to enjoy! So if you truly want to enjoy it all, don’t look down!

Chasing tornados

Have you watched the movie ‘In to the storms’? Well if you have then you know exactly what this adventure is all about. Of course there is no chase to get to the eye of the storm like in the movie, but it is more or less of the same chase to witness the storm in person. So when others are running away from the storm companies offer people the opportunity to chase after the storm by also promising money back if they aren’t able to truly witness a tornado. And no african safari adventure could ever top such a level of crazy even if it means that you’ll get to ride over elephants or watch lions hunt, from afar.

The sky jump the stratosphere hotel

If you are afraid of dying, afraid of heights and suffering from a light heart, then this is an adventure that you should NEVER bother trying. The free fall from the 108 storied Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas which is also the world’s tallest observation tower, is a 829 feet adventure that is meant for adrenalin junkies and daredevils!

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